Intensive Outpatient Options
ASAM Level II.1 Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Intended for clients identified in middle to late stages of addiction)
(This Matrix Model program is an intensive treatment episode lasting up to 12-18 weeks that offers additional individual, group, family and conjoint sessions. This more intensive program is designed for those who have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders, severe dependence, concurrent medical condition, or otherwise need more intensive treatment).

*6-9 hours of treatment per week (adolescents) and 9-10 hours of treatment per week (adults)
*Co-occurring Recovery Groups
*Anger Management/Coping Skills Group
*Gender specific Men or Women’s Recovery Group
*Matrix Model Early Recovery Group, Relapse Prevention, and Family Support Group
*Peer Support (aftercare) Groups/Recovery Principles- Recovery Support Group
*Substance Abuse Education
*Weekly Self-Help Meetings (AA, NA, or CR)
*Trauma Recovery Group
*Case Management Services