Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc. (SOS) is a unique non-profit organization that works with individuals, families and children who have been affected by or suffer from substance use disorders (alcohol and drug addiction).  SOS works in conjunction with (individual families, other treatment centers, local employers, attorneys, public schools, interventionists, law enforcement, family and criminal courts, child protective services and other charities to provide treatment, interventions and referrals, assessment, and drug testing services.  SOS provides these services to all who need it if they have insurance or not and no matter their ability to pay.

Statistics Show:

1 in 3 families (33%) are impacted by substance use disorders while only 10% of the individuals suffering from addiction actually have the resources and seek the help they need.  Due to these shortages many individuals and families have come to rely on SOS for the help they need..!!

We hope you’ll consider making a donation to SOS as you will not only be helping us make our community a better place, but helping us save the lives of the ones we love the most (one person, one child, and one family at a time).

For your convenience, we have made the donate button below available for you.  If you would prefer that a member of our team call you and pick up your donation in person, please contact Jessye Mueggenborg (SOS’s Community Outreach Director) at jessye@okcsos.com or call her at 405-810-1766 ext. 0 and we will more than happy to do that.

Thank you so much for opening your heart and wallet. Your donation will help us provide the lifesaving treatment services needed by those who need it the most.  

To date (since January 20, 2000) SOS has served over 65,000 individuals, children and families.


James Patterson ICADC, SAP

Executive Director

Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc.