SOS offers a specific criminal/impulsive thinking based track that allows SOS to offer not only traditional substance abuse treatment but also an impulsive thinking/criminogenic approach to help address both impulsive thinking and criminal behaviors and attitudes. Charting a New Course is an evidenced based criminal/corrective thinking curriculum created Stanton Samenow, Ph.D. and has over a number of hours of motivating, original, group-tested exercises for reinforcing cognitive processes for responsible decision-making and genuine responsible lifestyles.

Charting a New Course is designed for use with adolescents and adults in any setting and teachers and facilitators who want help implementing the Corrective Thinking process. Included for the busy facilitator and teacher are:

  • Thinking of the Consequences
  • Remember Who Gets Hurt
  • Act on Plans to Make a Responsible Choice
  • Check Their Thinking
  • Keep Thinking Responsible Thoughts
  • Summaries of the Time-bomb Tactics and Barriers in Thinking
  • An objective for each exercise that you can share aloud with your group
  • Tips for how much of the exercise you can expect group members to spend working independently and quietly and how much time you can expect to spend interactively
  • Specific directions for each of the 110 exercises.

What to Expect
Youth will meet once a week for eight to ten consecutive weeks. Each session will run for one to one and a half hours and include 8 to 10 youth (both male and female) of similar age and developmental level.

Weekly Thinking Errors/Barriers Addressed

  • Tactics
  • Closed Thinking
  • Victim Role
  • ‘I’m okay’ Self Image
  • Reckless Careless
  • Instant Gratification
  • Fear of Losing Face
  • Power Control
  • Possessive Attitude
  • Superior Uniqueness

Risk and Protective Factors
Risk factors increase the likeliness a youth will participate in risky or illegal behavior while specific protective factors work as a powerful force that overcomes these risk factors at a 2 to 1 ratio.  As a result of this knowledge, Charting a New Course works to address the following risk and protective factors:

  • Promotes pro-social attitudes and thinking (Risk Factor).
  • Enhances youth’s ability to accurately interpret actions and intentions of others (Risk Factor).
  • Addresses impulsivity (Risk Factor).
  • Enhances problem solving skills (Protective Factor).
  • Promotes effective communication with family members (Protective Factor).

Additional Developmental Assets Strengthened

  • Adult Role Modeling
  • Positive Peer Influence
  • High Expectations
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Resistance Skills

The 9 Thinking Barriers and corresponding 9 Steps to Responsible Thinking are excellent tools for evaluating and reinforcing pro-social, cognitive processes and behavior. Utilizing the interactive exercises as you track the basics of Corrective Thinking says to our clients that we really care about the way they learn naturally – within the realm of genuine, individual choice, and mutual respect.

Charting a New Course helps maximize learning and as a way for SOS to help clients progress in choosing thought processes for better lifestyles. Charting a New Course exercises are most effective when used for evaluating one or more of the Barriers in Thinking while reinforcing the Corresponding Correctives for thinking.

All clients coming through SOS’s treatment program that have been referred by the criminal justice system will participate in this program also (if referral source requests it).