Anger Management Programs
In addition to the criminal thinking program- Charting a New Course SOS offers a 12-week anger management/emotional coping skills program that is designed to help each client reduce inappropriate experience and expression of one’s own anger, cope more effectively with his/her emotions and to eliminate violence related to expression of anger.

The anger management program meets one time per week for up to 12-weeks and is facilitated by SOS staff to ensure accountability, recognition, ownership one’s of thought and behaviors and to create change.

Examples of Group Objectives:
Attend up to 12 weekly sessions of the Anger Management/Coping Skills group and complete the weekly homework assignments.
Examine my experience of my own anger, and I will list 5 situations in which I am likely to become upset.
Keep a daily log of my level of angry experience, and report it weekly in the group meeting.
Develop an anger control plan and share it with the group during the fourth weekly session.
Observe the patterns of expression of anger of the people in the family I grew up in, and list 5 patterns of expression that I have used previously.
Learn the conflict resolutions model and report on my use of it and how it was effective.

Many clients will need anger management/coping skills to solidify their attempt to change their alcohol and drug use patterns as many times their use is connected to the way their emotions can change. SOS offers this course to any client referred directly to it or if their assessment shows a need for it.